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Differences Between Ready-Mix And On-Site Concrete

Choosing the right concrete for your jobsite may be difficult if you don’t know the difference. Whether your job is small or large, finding what’s best for you is essential to sustainability and performance.

In this article, we will discuss the key differences when it comes to ready mix and on-site concrete. 

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Ordering Concrete

Ready-mix concrete requires a minimum amount for ordering. Even if you have a smaller job you will have to pay for the full truck load. This can lead to forced overordering. With on-site concrete there are no minimum requirements, you pay for what you use. Because you pay for the entire load and not just what you use with ready-mix, knowing your exact mix design before delivery is essential. This leaves little room for error on your part. If a ready-mix load is delivered to your jobsite and is the wrong mix design, the truck will have to go back to the batch plant and start over. This can take hours, if not days, if they are unable to come back the same day. On-site concrete is mixed at the jobsite. You can choose the mix design whenever you need to without delays.

Concrete Delivery

Hot loads are a common disadvantage with ready-mix concrete. This is created when concrete starts to set in transit from the batch plant to the jobsite. There are no hot loads with on-site concrete because it is not prematurely mixed before getting to the jobsite. Ready-mix concrete mixers can get stalled in traffic from the batch plant to jobsite. This can cause quality issues with the concrete if it is mixing in transit. Mobile-mixers that produce on-site concrete don’t mix until they are at the job site thus eliminating the chance of hot loads or slump loss. 


Knowing the difference between on-site and ready-mix concrete can save you time and money in the long run. Ready-mix concrete may not be suitable for smaller jobs, but it may be a benefit to larger jobs. On-site concrete provides the exact needs for all jobs each time.

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