Residential Concrete

The concrete surrounding your home, such as a driveway or sidewalk, often provides the first impression visitors receive. When these structures are correctly designed and placed, they may last up to 30 years.

That’s a lot of first impressions.

Residential Concrete For The Rio Grande Valley

At Diamond 8 Concrete, we firmly believe in creating concrete spaces which you and your family and friends can enjoy worry-free. It begins when you call, and we take the time to understand your end vision. Our volumetric concrete mixers are programmable and carry a range of mix designs for various applications. This way you know the type of concrete placed for your project is correct.

Your Residential Concrete Project, Your Schedule

Diamond 8 Concrete’s volumetric mixers are perfect for residential work. Because we only mix and pour the concrete on-site, you have the confidence it’s the right type for your home project. Examples include:

  • Driveways,
  • Fire pits,
  • Pads,
  • Patios, and
  • Walkways

Our volumetric concrete mixers place the exact amount down to a quarter yard. The customization and versatility provided by concrete make it the perfect material for your next home construction project.

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